What Are The Requirements To Download Desktop Gold On Windows?

  • Minimum 1GB RAM disk space.
  • Hard Disk Space Should Be 512 MB Minimum.
  • 266Mhz Processor.
  • Good Speed Internet Connectivity.
  • Windows Operating System Should Be Updated.

    Why AOL Desktop Gold?

    Desktop Gold is an all-in-one solution for the services like sending or receiving emails, browsing the internet and doing other online tasks. Desktop Gold comes with a number of amazing features. Using the software, you can enjoy your favorite movies, read the latest News, chat or browse the internet with premium security qualities compatible with Mac and Windows Operating systems.

    Mail Desktop Gold For Windows 10

    Sign Up For AOL Account

    Want to use the Desktop Gold services? You need to create an account first. So, open the website and choose the “Membership Plan”. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to create the account successfully.

    Install Desktop Gold

    If you have downloaded the Desktop Gold on your device, complete the installation process. You just need to tap on the download link to install Desktop Gold on your Windows 10.

    Get Latest Desktop Gold

    Find the download link and tap on the “Started” button on the desktop. Once you will tap on the link, the software will begin downloading.

    Purchase the Membership

    If you have created the account, go to the login page and log into the account. You can now buy the membership plan for your software.

    Download & Install Desktop Gold

    Here are the step by step guidelines to download the Desktop Gold on your Devices.

    Sign Up For Mail Account

    Make sure the Mac is connected to a stable network connection. Now, open the safari or any other web browser installed on the device. After this, go to the official website of Desktop Gold and select the “Sign Up” or “Create an Account” option. Enter all the required details to create the account successfully.

    Purchase Subscription

    According to your preference, you can buy the subscription accordingly. If you will buy the premium subscription, you can avail of premium features of the mail Desktop Gold.

    Download the Desktop Software

    On your email, check the mail from Website. Open it and open the provided link to download the Desktop Software to your device.

    Install Desktop Gold for PC

    Open the downloaded file and install it by following all the on-screen instructions.

    Mail Desktop Gold & Its Features

    AOL Desktop Gold comes with a number of features. It is an all-in-one stop solution for the best email services. If you want to enhance your email services, AOL Desktop Gold is there for you. Here are some of the best features of AOL Desktop Gold.

    Better Protection

    The data and privacy of the user are one of the top-most priorities of Desktop Gold. With the software, you can avail the of security features like double authentication and password protection.

    One-Stop Platform

    The users of the Desktop Gold Icon say the software One-stop platform as you can use a number of services here like email services, play games, browse the internet, watch entertainment stuff, chat with your friends, and do other tasks.

    Easily Accessible

    All the users have complete authority to choose or reject the features according to their preferences.

    Refresh Programmed

    No need to be worried about the new update as the software will be updated automatically after a new version will release.

    Import-Export Of Data

    With the Desktop Gold, the users can easily secure the import-export data in a very short period of time.

    Anti-Keylogger Feature

    With the help of alphanumeric characters, the content on the software will be shown in a different way.

    Latest Desktop Gold & Its Common Errors

    Just like any other software, Desktop Gold also shows one or other errors sometimes. Here, we have listed some common issues that can be encountered easily using mail services.